Monday, April 7, 2014

Fundraising through Camino

It's been incredible watching Camino (a local Ottawa business) grow over the years.  At first it was just coffee, chocolate bars and hot chocolate (this is the ONLY hot chocolate I buy) and then it was juices and sugars!  Loved seeing these at my local grocery store as an option to my usual staples.  But it was wonderful when they went into holiday products like candy canes and Easter bunnies.  This winter I ended up buying some of their truffles (on sale after the holidays in the Glebe grocery store) and yum - what a treat (which I wish I could afford more often!)

They are an admirable business that is not only fair trade and organic but they also are set up as a co-op where all full-time employees have a share in the business.  I've been interested in business co-ops since I heard about them in a documentary years ago (it featured a bakery in the U.S. that followed the co-op business model).  I just read about this as I was researching businesses that may want to support a new not-for-profit that I am helping with fundraising this spring.

Speaking about fundraising - Camino offers the opportunity to organizations to sell their products at a competitive profit margin which will help reach fundraising goals.  I don't know about you but I spent many autumns in my youth selling chocolate door to door to raise funds for my school.  Now it can be done selling fair trade, organic chocolate!  Brilliant!

Find out more here: Fundraise with Camino.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Adaptable Furniture: InFLUX

Just had to do a quick post about this new furniture available in Ottawa!  From the MKDB website:

The adaptive furniture of the future will be more like an ecology of organisms. 

inFLUX is set to launch MKDB Studio in the direction of product design through fostering symbiotic business values along with ecological and social sustainability. We aim to expand the line of products, of which inFLUX is the first, that embody the philosophy of the company and creates homes that foster harmony, communities, environment, and planet.

Made with:  Baltic plywood, Natural Latex and Linen!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

home sweet home - part 2 (from 2013)

Spring is only two short months away!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Need Help! Stylists Please Apply!

Are you feeling it?  All those pretty online designing blogs and those riveting home decorating shows.  I certainly am. It's that crazy pressure to have our house better styled.  Well... maybe it's not pressure for me per se, but rather a desire to have a pretty home.  And it is not that I want a really STYLED home - I gravitate towards the styling that looks effortless, that looks like well curated home from a well-traveled life. Similar to what is seen in Emma Reddington's Marion House Book project: 52 objects in her home or the casual vibe that Kelly Deck created for this home in Vancouver.

Why didn`t someone tell me to look for great objects when I was travelling?  Then take into account the desire to make sustainable, environmental purchases and that less is more - it's enough to make someone give up for good.  There are definitely options such as flea market finds or artisan show pieces or a great souvenir from a local weekend trip but that means sourcing over time and perhaps even over distance. And I have always appreciated Amber's thoughts on this also - in terms of beautiful but utilitarian pieces.

How do you style a home with sustainability, on a budget and in a way that looks effortless but doesn't take years to do!

All Images from Style At Home (June 2011) - Kelly Deck, Interior Designer